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LOG 62: Documents relating to narrowcasting licences

Disclosure date
FOI Request

FOI request for documents relating to decisions by the ACMA and preceding agencies relating to the issuing of specified low powered open narrowcasting transmitter licences and temporary community broadcasting licences in the FM bands

Disclosure summary

50 documents were released to the applicant, either in full or with redactions of irrelevant information. 32 of the 50 documents had additional exempt information redacted.

More information

The documents have additional redactions applied prior to publication under section 11C of the FOI Act to remove personal information and information that relates to the commercial affairs of a person. Two documents will not be published under paragraph 11C(1)(d) because the extent of personal information in the documents is such that it is not practicable to make the modifications that would be required to delete such information.

Date of removal
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