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Correct a record in the Register of Radiocommunications Licences

Accredited persons need to follow this procedure to correct information in the Register of Radiocommunications Licences (the register).

This business operating procedure helps ensure that the register is correct and up to date. To search the register, go to about the Register of Radiocommunications Licences.

What this procedure does and does not not cover

Use this procedure to correct errors, such as:

  • typographic errors in personal details
  • information in the register that is incorrect or different from the original application

For other changes, use:

Our role in correcting the register

Section 153 of the Radiocommunications Act (the Act) sets the process for making a correction to the register.

We can correct the register when we become aware that something is wrong. We can also correct it if we receive an application:

  • from the license holder
  • from someone who the license holder authorises to operate radiocommunications devices under the licence

We notify license holders where the correction is to coordinates for a shared site. Under section 111 of the Act, we have to tell all affected license holders of our intention to vary the coordinates.

When we make a correction, we must give notice in writing to the licensee. We must also inform:

  • the applicant, if the licensee authorised them to operate a radiocommunications device under the licence
  • anyone who wants us to tell them about corrections to the register for a particular licence. A person must tell us in writing that they want use to notify them about a specific licence

How to apply for a correction

Procedure for Accredited Persons

Accredited persons can send details of the correction to

Procedure for all other users

If you are a licensee or you operate a device under the licence with the authority of the licensee, complete form R068 - Application for correction of licence register.

If we refuse an application

We will consider all requests for corrections to the register. If we refuse an application, we must give the applicant, in writing:

  • notice of the refusal
  • the reasons for the refusal

Under section Part 5.6 of the Radiocommunications Act, you can ask us to review the decision.

If you have any questions about this business operating procedure, email

The business operating procedure disclaimer applies to this process.

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