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Updates to earth coordination requirements - consultation 26/2022

We want to update coordination requirements for earth stations and microwave fixed point-to-point links contained in radiocommunications assignment and licensing instruction (RALI) MS 43 and MS 45.

Consultation number
IFC 26/2022
Closing in 13 days (29 August 2022)
In progress
  • 1

    Consultation opened

    22 Jul 2022
  • 2

    Consultation closes

    29 Aug 2022

Key documents

The issue

RALI MS 43 provides simplified coordination procedures between the earth stations at the European Space Agency New Norcia facility and other services in a number of bands. We want to amend RALI MS 43 to:

  • Include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (Tidbinbilla) earth station facility.
  • Add the 22.55–23.15 GHz band.
  • Remove the 26 GHz band, as coordination arrangements are included in the 26 GHz spectrum licensing technical framework and RALI MS 46.
  • Make editorial corrections as outlined in the amendment history in the consultation draft.

We also want to update RALI MS 45 to include coordination requirements between earth station transmitters communicating with geostationary satellites in the fixed satellite service and fixed point-to-point fixed link receivers in the frequency bands:

  • 8 GHz (7725–8275 MHz)
  • 13 GHz (12.75–13.25 GHz)
  • 15 GHz (14.5–15.35 GHz)
  • 18 GHz (17.7–19.7 GHz).

The coordination cull distances been have calculated with the same methodology used when RALI MS 45 was first developed in 2019.

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