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Telecommunications (Customer Equipment Safety) Technical Standard

The ACMA standard Telecommunications (Customer Equipment Safety) Technical Standard 2018 (the Customer Equipment Safety Standard) adopts the following Australian/New Zealand Standards:

  • AS/NZS 60950.1:2015 – Information technology equipment – Safety, Part 1: General requirements (the 2015 industry standard); and
  • AS/NZS 62368.1:2018 – Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment – Part 1: Safety requirements (the 2018 industry standard).

The 2018 industry standard is intended to replace the 2015 industry standard four years after 15 February 2018.  During that period, a relevant item of customer equipment may, under the 2018 industry standard, comply with either the 2015 industry standard or the 2018 industry standard. 

The ACMA has made the Customer Equipment Safety Standard to repeal and replace the 2011 ACMA Standard to reflect the latest technical requirements for particular customer equipment.

The Customer Equipment Safety Standard:

  • applies to any item of customer equipment that is designed or intended for connection to a telecommunications network, but only if there are one or more other technical standards that are applicable technical standards (within the meaning of section 8 of the Telecommunications (Labelling Notice for Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Instrument 2015 in relation to the equipment;
  • adopts the 2015 industry standard and the 2018 industry standard as in force at the times specified in the Customer Equipment Safety Standard;
  • generally requires an item to comply with an adopted industry standard, in relation to the item, as in force at one of the times specified for the item;
  • provides an ACMA transition period for the replacement of the 2015 industry standard, as well as an ACMA transition period for any amendment or a replacement of the 2018 industry standard; and
  • includes savings and transitional arrangements for items manufactured, imported or modified before the commencement of the Customer Equipment Safety Standard and other related items

It is important to note that the applicable mandatory standard is the ACMA standard, not the industry standard to which it refers.

The ACMA standard and Explanatory Statement are available from the Federal Register of Legislation website.

All industry standards are available in hard copy from SAI Global website.

The following ACMA Standard has been repealed, however it remains available on the Federal Register of Legislation website:

Last updated: 11 February 2015