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Spectrum for broadband in mmWave bands

Consultation closes: 20 October 2017

IFC: 22/2017 .

Outcome of this consultation

The ACMA is conducting further consultation on options for wireless broadband in the 26 GHz band. Submissions received in this consultation process have been considered in the development of these options.

The ACMA received 27 submissions to this consultation—these can be accessed from the right hand side index box under 'Other submissions received'.

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Questions for comment: Spectrum for broadband in the mmWave bands

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Submissions  8.6 MB (.zip)


On 5 September 2017, the ACMA hosted Spectrum tune-up: Spectrum for 5G broadband in mmWave bands to further progress consideration of the mmWave bands in Australia.

Given the increasing interest both domestically and internationally, and the limited incumbency issues in mmWave bands, this event, along with this consultation process, are proposed to be used to assist in streamlining the early consideration of mmWave spectrum for 5G use.

Specifically, we will use feedback obtained from the FYSO, and during the tune-up and subsequent call for submissions, as part of our initial investigation of possible bands, to help inform a decision on whether to progress consideration of one or more mmWave bands to the preliminary re-planning phase of the ACMA’s mobile broadband strategy.

If a decision is made to progress one or more mmWave bands to this next phase, the ACMA will then work towards developing an options paper for the bands identified.

A one week extension was granted to the deadline for submissions to this consultation. Submissions closed on 20 October 2017.

Opportunity to provide feedback

The ACMA invites comments on the questions for comment listed in the Spectrum for broadband in the millimetre wave bands paper (available in the Downloads table above).