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FAQs—online consultations

Comments and submissions

How can I make my submission to this consultation?
Our new (beta) online consultation allows you to make online comments to a consultation. You can also upload or post your submission. Click ‘How to submit’ in the index box for full details.

Is a comment (and/or a reply to a comment) considered as a submission?
Yes, comments and any replies will be collated and considered as part of the submission process.

How can I make a comment?
You can provide comments by either commenting against the:

  • individual sections—navigate through the index to the section you wish to comment on, click the comment icon, then ‘Add comment’
  • answering the question/s asked in this consultation paper by clicking ‘Respond to question(s)’ in the index box.

Can I submit an attachment with my comment (e.g. .doc, .xls, .jpeg, .pdf)?
Comments must be text-only. If you would like to submit an attachment, use the upload option for submission.

Will I receive confirmation after I make a comment or submission?
Yes, you’ll receive a confirmation notification. If you do not receive this, please contact digital.publishing@acma.gov.au.

Will comments or submissions be visible while the consultation period is open?
Depending on the nature of the consultation, the ACMA may choose to display all comments and submissions as they come in (generally within 24–48 hours from receipt) or may decide to hold all submissions until the end of the period, when they can be published. Each consultation will indicate the timings.

Can I choose not to have my comment or submission displayed while the consultation is still open?
When you make a comment or submission, you’ll be asked to indicate if it is confidential. While the ACMA generally publishes all submissions it receives, including any personal information in the submissions, the ACMA accepts that a submitter may sometimes wish to provide information in confidence. In these circumstances, submitters are asked to identify the material (including any personal information) over which confidentiality is claimed and provide a written explanation for the claim. If the ACMA accepts the claim for confidentiality, it will not publish the confidential information unless authorised or required by law to do so.
Read more about our publication of submissions and privacy for consultations or for sunsetting consultations.

How will all the submissions be displayed after the consultation closes?
Consultations are generally open for four to six weeks. The closing date is displayed at the top of the page. All non-confidential submissions will be published after the consultation closes.

When will the ACMA respond to my submission?
The ACMA aims to respond to all substantive submissions within a reasonable time period following the close of the consultation period. The ACMA will keep you informed on the progress of the consultation.

Can I make a comment or submission after the consultation closes?
No, the consultation will move to a ‘closed’ state on the closing date. If you have a particular reason for making a comment or submission after the consultation period closes, use the contact details in the consultation paper to discuss your query with the ACMA.

How will my submission be used by the ACMA?
The ACMA’s regulatory decisions are informed by evidence and take into account the views of those with an interest in the outcome. As well as consultations, other key types of information the ACMA uses to support its decision-making and regulatory policy development includes industry data; technical information; social, market and technology research; economic modelling and analysis; consumer complaints data; international approaches to regulation and expert knowledge and practice. The ACMA also gathers information and evidence from other sources including consultative committees, stakeholder workshops and conferences. Read more about Evidence-informed regulation: The ACMA approach.

What should I include in a submission?
See our tips on making an effective submission.


How will my comment or submission be moderated?
For information on how we moderate comments and submissions to our online consultations, see the ACMA's moderation policy for online consultations.

I don’t like a reply that was made to one of my comments, can it be removed?
Yes, comments can be removed. Email digital.publishing@acma.gov.au with the comment details and the reason/s you'd like it removed.

Will I be notified if my comment is rejected?
No, there is no notification for rejection of comments.


Who can I contact about the consultation?
For questions about the consultation, use the contact details in the consultation paper. You can also ask a question via the comment functionality.
For technical support, email digital.publishing@acma.gov.au.

Technical issues

What should I do if I can't submit a comment?
Please email digital.publishing@acma.gov.au.

Can I save my comments and come back to them before I submit them?
No, comments cannot be saved.

What is the file size limit of files I wish to upload?
The file size limit is 10MB per file or a total of 20MB if uploading multiple files.

Compatible browsers
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