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Availability of 26 GHz band scientific licences

The ACMA will consider applications for scientific licences in the 26 GHz band.

The purpose of these licences is to enable interested parties to conduct trials of 5G mmWave technology before any introduction of spectrum licensing in the band.

Scientific licence applications will be considered only on the following basis:

  • Applicants must be capable of completing a trial of 5G mmWave technology before the intended allocation of the 26 GHz band by spectrum licensing, which may be in Q1 2021.
  • The proposed licence duration is up to 12 months, with the opportunity for a short renewal dependent on the timing of any auction.
  • Applicants may apply to use part or the whole of the frequency range that may be spectrum licensed, 25.1–27.5 GHz. In the four areas adjacent to NBN satellite gateways—Perth, Bunbury, Margaret River and Hobart—applicants may apply to use the 25.1–27.0 GHz range.
  • Applicants may apply for scientific licences to support a maximum of five trials per applicant in the defined geographic areas for possible spectrum licensing listed in the 26 GHz band decision paper.
  • For the mainland capital cities, sites may cover up to a maximum of 25 per cent of each city only.
  • Each trial may have only a limited number of end users, consistent with the scale and objectives of a scientific trial. The proposed number of end users must be included with the licence application.
  • Licences will be issued on a first-in-time basis.
  • Successful applicants must inform trial participants of the following:
    • the trial is of a limited duration
    • there is no guarantee that the service will be available after the conclusion of the trial
    • there may be interruptions to their internet service due to trialling new technology
    • the charges applicable for the service
    • that they may withdraw from participating in the trial at any time.
  • Applicants must provide the ACMA with a copy of the proposed customer information documentation at the time of application.
  • Licensees must report to the ACMA on a 6-monthly basis on technical and non-technical aspects of the trial, addressing the purpose, parameters and objectives of the trial.

Applicants can find an overview of scientific licences on the ACMA web site.

The guidelines document describes how the ACMA deals with scientific licence applications for trials of new radiocommunications technologies.

To submit an application, interested parties may engage the services of an accredited person or fill out the application form for scientific assigned apparatus licence(s).

Last updated: 12 September 2019