Five-year spectrum outlook 2019−23 | ACMA

Five-year spectrum outlook 2019−23

The Five-year spectrum outlook 2019–23 (FYSO 2019–23), which can be accessed from the downloads box below, outlines our current and future spectrum management priorities.

The FYSO provides an overview of the technology, market and policy drivers likely to shape the demand for spectrum over the next five years, and includes our plans for addressing the expected rise in demand for 5G wireless broadband spectrum.

It also sets out the ACMA’s one-year work plan for band planning and optimisation, spectrum allocations, and ongoing improvements to spectrum management.

The ACMA continues to adopt a five-year planning horizon to track new or changed spectrum uses under consideration and development around the world.

In April 2019, we released a draft FYSO for your feedback. All input was considered, and our responses to submissions can be found in the Addendum below.


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Five-year spectrum outlook 2019–23  749 kB 
Addendum to FYSO 2019–23: Response to submissions  377 kB 

Last updated: 12 September 2019