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What information should a service provider make available to customers?

Under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code, telecommunications service providers must ensure that consumers can view and download all relevant terms and conditions of its telecommunications products and services from an accessible website.

Other Information that must appear on a service provider’s website free of charge includes:

Service providers must also make a range of other consumer information freely available, including:

  • its standard form consumer contract (and provide a copy upon request)
  • a description of the key attributes of its telecommunications products and services
  • the manufacturer’s name for goods supplied by a third party
  • the main features for any goods forming part of its offers or where this information can be obtained
  • information about telecommunications products and services offered specifically for consumers with disabilities, where a special need is indicated, unless the service provider gives a contact number or email address to obtain this information
  • billing information such as bill formats, billing options, billing periods and payment options, including information up to 24 months old unless the service provider chooses to provide this information by another means free of charge
  • a place where the customer can obtain call and data usage information for included value plans (unless the service provider gives instructions on where else this information can be obtained in its Critical Information Summary)
  • information to assist consumers to estimate what capacity they may need on a telecommunications product or service to meet their usage requirements
  • details of any post-sales support for telecommunications products and services including any fees and charges
  • information on mobile network coverage
  • information about international roaming
  • the name of the principal carrier, if the service provider is a reseller
  • details of contracts for expired offers, so long as customers continue to received the offers
  • contact details for the service provider’s staff for financial hardship enquiries, and details on how to locate a community financial counsellor or consumer advocate
  • a copy of the service provider’s complaint handling process

Last updated: 12 July 2019