What are standard charges? | ACMA

What are standard charges?

Information about standard charges allows you to compare telecommunications service providers and offers.

To make these comparisons, service providers are required to make information available about the following charges within an included value plan:

  1. making a two-minute national mobile call

  2. sending a mobile SMS (within Australia)

  3. using one megabyte of data

where these charges are not unlimited in your telecommunications plan.

Standard national mobile calls

This is a mobile telephone call made from one service provider’s network to another during peak time and where the caller and receiver are both within Australia.

Standard national mobile SMS

This is a short message with no more than 160 characters, sent from a mobile on one service provider’s network to another during peak time and where both the sender and the receiver are within Australia.

One megabyte of data

A megabyte (MB) is a measure of data. As a rough guide:

  1. you can view approximately 20 pages on the internet for each MB of download

  2. an average four-minute MP3 (music file) is approximately four MB

  3. a five-minute video can be up to 30 MB.

Information on standard charges for a service

There are two ways you can find out the standard charges for a service.

Under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, service providers must give you a Critical Information Summary of the main terms and conditions of your service. This document must include information about pricing for the service, including the standard charges. Unless you buy a product or service over the phone and agree to opt out of receiving a Critical Information Summary, this must be given to you prior to sale.

In addition, service providers must include standard charges when advertising a new product or service in most printed advertising for an included value plan.

Last updated: 15 March 2017