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ULLS Network Deployment Rules ACIF C559:2012


Industry body responsible

Communications Alliance

Section of industry to which code relates

Scope and application

This industry code applies to a Carrier or Carriage Service Provider that uses the Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS).

This industry code does not apply to:

  • systems operated on conditioned Communications Wire;
  • systems deployed and in operation on Communications Wire prior to 15 August 2001.

This Code does not apply to the conditioning of unconditioned local loops (including the Access Provider's unconditioned local loops).

Date of registration

16 May 2012

Objectives of the code

The objectives of this industry code are:

  • to protect the integrity of the telecommunications network when systems and services (including the Standard Telephone Service) are operated using the ULLS;
  • to facilitate the most efficient use of the ULLS for the deployment of carriage services taking into account the nature of access networks and the likely use of the ULLS;
  • to limit to an acceptable level the risk of interference between systems and services (including Standard Telephone Services) operated using ULLS;
  • to identify specific Deployment Classes with associated Deployment Rules which, if complied with, will ensure a carrier or carriage service provider will meet the obligations in this Code;
  • to prescribe the process by which new Deployment Classes may be identified and new services operated using ULLS;
  • to promote the greatest practical use of industry self-regulation in providing guidance to the telecommunications industry in operating systems using the ULLS;
  • to develop performance requirements for the operation of systems using the ULLS that promote the long term interests of end users and the efficiency of the Australian communications industry;
  • to facilitate the supply of diverse and innovative carriage services and content services using the ULLS;
  • to specify the safety requirements for equipment that uses remote power feeding and is used as part of the operation of a system using ULLS; and
  • to avoid the use of spectrum prior to the consideration by the telecommunications industry of the most efficient use of that spectrum in the operation of systems using ULLS.

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Last updated: 19 July 2018