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The future delivery of radio services in Australia

Consultation closes: 12 July 2019

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For this consultation, comments and submissions will be published at the conclusion of the consultation period, unless the ACMA has accepted a confidentiality claim in relation to the comment or submission or the ACMA deems the comment or submission to be inappropriate for publication.

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Consultation paper:
The future delivery of radio services in Australia

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Executive summary

Radio delivers audio entertainment and information daily to millions of Australians using radiocommunications spectrum—whether via AM, FM and DAB+ digital broadcasts, or over the frequencies used by telecommunications providers to deliver mobile and wireless services.

Technological developments and changes in listener behaviour are affecting the delivery of radio services in different ways in metropolitan and regional and remote areas. Spectrum availability, technology uptake and audience preferences influence business decisions and future investment in current and new technology and services. The needs of broadcasters and audiences also differ due to variations in coverage, available services and the viability of those services.

The ACMA wants to make sure it understands the delivery technologies being used and contemplated, the preferences of Australian audiences and how industry is responding.

We consider it timely to ask Australian broadcasters and audio content providers about emerging technologies, the impact on their businesses and the choices these create for the radio industry across Australia.

As the government is currently in a caretaker period, it is noted that the spectrum management policies of an incoming government may have implications for future radio planning arrangements.

Issues for comment

The ACMA is inviting comments and views from industry about: 

  • the drivers of radio industry change, to elicit evidence about the current market and suitability of alternative audio content delivery platforms, including alternative spectrum approaches needed to support radio in the future
  • the impact of new delivery platforms on broadcasting policy objectives and the existing regulatory framework.