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Telemarketing: Industry obligations


Australians and Australian Government bodies can opt out of most telemarketing calls by registering their private use numbers on the Do Not Call Register. Businesses and individuals can also register their fax numbers. Business fax numbers must be used exclusively for faxes.  

Telemarketers and fax marketers must not contact numbers on the register without permission, unless the call is made under the exemption rules.

All telemarketers and research callers must also comply with the strict rules set out in the Telemarketing and Fax Marketing Industry Standards, regardless of whether they are made by someone who is exempt from the Do Not Call Register. The rules set out the permitted contact times, what information must be provided as part of the call or fax, and when calls must be terminated.

You must follow the rules if you:

  • make or outsource telemarketing calls or send marketing faxes
  • make or commission calls to conduct opinion polling
  • carry out research via telephone
  • make calls asking for donations.

The ACMA is responsible for providing the Do Not Call Register and monitoring compliance with the telemarketing rules. More information about industry requirements can be found at

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Last updated: 26 March 2019