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Technological solutions to combating scams

Consultation closes: 10 May 2019

IFC: 8/2019 Scam_ToR

Consultation closed

The ACMA received 19 submissions. We will use these submissions to inform and develop the scam technology project. Submissions will not be published as much of the information is commercial-in-confidence. Publication of this information may give tips to scammers on how network operators are working to disrupt criminal activity.

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Discussion paper:
Combating scamstechnological solutions

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Executive summary

The ACMA’s Scam Technology Project is exploring ways to combat scams on Australian telecommunications networks. The project draws on expertise from fellow regulators, industry and international agencies.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) are represented on a reference group with the ACMA to guide the project.

The ACMA has released a discussion paper to identify technological solutions to combat scams on telecommunications networks.

The ACMA is seeking information on a range of matters, including:

  • current and emerging technologies and associated approaches to disrupt scams in Australia
  • the applicability of international initiatives to the Australian context
  • whether Australian initiatives at a platform, network or provider level can be elevated to ensure industry-wide coverage
  • whether industry and government can better share information to help identify and disrupt scams
  • any barriers to implementing effective initiatives. 

For further details, visit our Scam Technology Project information page

Issues for comment

The ACMA is seeking detailed, evidence-based submissions from interested parties on the issues and questions raised in the discussion paper.

Submissions are now closed.