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Successful e–marketing ... it’s about reputation

E-marketing, whether in the form of email or SMS, is an excellent means of communicating with customers, and potential customers, in a manner that is both immediate and economical. When it's done well, e-marketing is clear, innovative and impactful; however, when a business gets it wrong it can have a devastating effect on any business's most important asset—its reputation.

While consumers are comfortable and familiar with many forms of advertising, such as television and newspaper, they are, quite rightly, suspicious of many offers that arrive in their 'in-box.' As an e-marketer, you are not only vying for attention among an array of other e-marketers, you are competing with the darker side of the internet who distribute 'nasties' in the same manner that you are marketing your business.

By giving some serious thought to the way you tackle your e-marketing, and acting on the tips given below, you are more likely to allay the concerns of cautious consumers and greatly improve your chances of developing a positive reputation and an ongoing and profitable relationship.

It's about reputation—industry

In the same way that an eBay feedback rating can have an effect on a seller's likelihood of making a sale, the reputation of a business, or an industry, can enhance or hinder the success of an e-marketing campaign. While a business may not spend too much time considering the way the public looks at the industry they are part of, it is useful to know the industries for which the ACMA receives the most e-marketing complaints:

  • e-business/online stores
  • advertising/marketing
  • finance
  • gaming
  • entertainment
  • medical/health/wellbeing
  • fashion
  • sports/fitness.

So while you are considering the number of messages you are able to send, and the corresponding hit rates, it's possible that the recipients of those messages are thinking something else entirely.

Here are a few examples of what people are telling us:

I joined a site but no longer wished to participate and pressed the unsubscribe button. I was directed to a page where there was no way to unsubscribe!! I contacted the email address given and requested to be unsubscribed. I was told this would happen within 5-7 working days! … I am still receiving the spam. I have followed up my original email but have not heard back. I am very upset about this. I am also very upset that I cannot unsubscribe. This site has an unsubscribe button but it directs you to a page that has no way to unsubscribe.

I have sent three requests to have my name removed from their mailing list, however they refuse to do so and refuse to acknowledge my emails. I get one or two emails from them every day and it's just rubbish marketing.

Spamming us, on multiple e-mail addresses, abundantly stupid newsletter rubbish.

 It's about reputation—your business

Last updated: 16 April 2015