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Subscription television broadcasting licences listings

The following listing records the subscription television broadcasting licences allocated by the ACMA pursuant to section 93 and section 96 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the Act).

Section 93 licences

Until 30 June 1997 satellite subscription television broadcasting licences could only be issued under section 93 of the Act. These licences were denoted Licence A, Licence B and Licence C. Four channels of programming can be provided under Licence A and four under Licence B. Licence C permits two channels. Licences A & B were allocated to the highest bidder for commercial use. Licence C was allocated by the Minister of Communications to a subsidiary of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (as required under section 93(2)).

Section 96 licences

Licences allocated under section 96 of the Act after 30 June 1997 may be used to provide subscription television broadcasting services by any means of delivery, including by satellite. Section 96 licences allocated prior to that date are constrained to non-satellite means of delivery only, e.g. by cable.

Subscription television broadcasting licences under section 96 are allocated by the ACMA on the basis of one licence per service. A licence commences on the date of allocation, has no licence term and no licence area. A section 96 licence does not provide any exclusive rights in relation to the nature of the services to be provided.

There are no provisions under the Act that require holders of section 96 licences to notify the ACMA if they become aware of any changes in control or ownership of the licences, except where the change relates to the foreign ownership provisions (as required by section 112(6) of the Act).

You should note therefore, that in most cases the list only provides details of the companies to whom licences were originally allocated and may not reflect the identity of the current holder of the licence.


Last updated: 13 August 2019