Submissions on Reconnecting the Customer draft report released | ACMA

Submissions on Reconnecting the Customer draft report released

The ACMA has released the submissions it has received on its proposed solutions to improving customer care for consumers in the telecommunications industry.

Submissions were received from industry associations (including the Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association), Telecommunications providers, individual consumers and consumer groups (including the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network). Submissions are available on the ACMA web site

The ACMA will carefully consider the submissions in detail, along with feedback from other consultation activities, including comments posted on this site, with a view to publishing its final report and recommendations in September 2011.

The ACMA's proposed solutions were contained in its draft report ( Word) or ( PDF). The report outlined the main problems we found and solutions that we think would materially improve outcomes for consumers.

A number of related documents are available: ACMA media release 55/2011 ( Word) or ( PDF), Summary of proposed solutions ( Word) or ( PDF) and Reconnecting the Customer: Fast facts ( Word) or ( PDF).

Last updated: 15 April 2016