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Speech to Unwired Revolution


How the ACMA is addressing the dynamic and increasing demands for spectrum

James Cameron, ACMA Full-time Member
25 July 2018, Kirribilli Club Sydney

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today.

Accommodating changing demand

Accommodating changing demand for spectrum is our core business. As Australia’s ‘town planner’ of spectrum, it is our job to identify changes in how spectrum will be used and ensure that spectrum is made available to meet the demand for new technologies and new services.

I don’t need to tell this audience that there are considerable and often competing demands for access to spectrum, and if anything, the pressure for changes seems to be speeding up.

Causes include the ongoing evolution and growth of the Internet, manifesting as continuing soaring demand for wireless broadband connectivity, and the more recent rollout of Internet of Things (IoT) networks and applications.

You are probably familiar with how the resultant ever increasing demand for wireless data has driven pressure for clearance of additional bands for terrestrial wireless broadband, fixed as well as mobile. While this shows no sign of abating, we are also seeing very rapid growth in innovation in the satellite industry, resulting from opportunities such as earth stations in motion, ‘smallsats’, looming ‘mega’ non-geostationary satellite constellations and ever-increasing throughput in traditional geostationary satellite networks.

The result is growing and changing demand for spectrum from a range of industries and users, including Australia’s innovative satellite and space industry, wireless broadband providers looking to implement 5G services. We’re also experiencing pressure from other existing spectrum users seeking to adapt and respond to all these changes, and from emerging new spectrum users, including utilities, the automotive industry, over-the-top service providers such as Facebook, and start-ups.

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Last updated: 07 November 2018