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Spam code of practice

Code de-registration

On 16 October 2014, the ACMA decided to de-register the Internet Industry Spam Code of Practice. This code has been removed from the Register of industry codes. Further information about the code is provided below.

Industry body responsible

The Internet Industry Association

Section of industry to which code relates

Internet service providers and email service providers

Date of registration

16 March 2006

Objectives of the code

The code requires internet service providers and email service providers to:

  • provide spam filtering to their customers at reasonable cost
  • inform their customers about a range of spam-related issues (for example, how to report and complain about spam)
  • not have open relay or open proxy servers ('zombies') on their networks
  • ensure they retain the right to scan for, warn, and (if necessary) disconnect customers to manage deliberate or inadvertent misuse of their networks
  • comply with all lawful requirements of law enforcement and regulatory agencies
  • implement (where possible) a range of 'best practice' technical measures to impede the delivery and distribution of spam.

Accessing the code


Last updated: 08 May 2017