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Self-help re-transmission facilities

  • Who is covered by them?
  • What is their readiness for conversion, including program feed arrangements?


The Government has announced the implementation of the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service to provide digital television coverage to viewers in signal-deficient areas including areas served by analog self-help re-transmission facilities. Eligibility for financial assistance with conversion to satellite will depend on whether householders are served by an analog self-help re-transmission facility and whether or note these transmitters are being converted to digital. In the majority of cases, it will be broadcasters that undertake the conversion of identified sites; however some existing self-help providers such as local governments may also choose to digitise terrestrial re-transmission sites. Additionally, broadcasters will install 'gap-filler' transmission facilities to extend digital signal coverage to identified signal deficient areas. The ACMA's field work in relation to self-help re-transmission facilities and proposed gap filler sites has changed over time as the Government's preferred solution for signal deficient areas has evolved. Further changes may be required as the policy is settled. Technical and engineering advice provided as part of the CEP informs administrative arrangements around the implementation of new sites, the conversion of existing self help retransmission sites and access and subsidy arrangements for the VAST service.

Key deliverables

  • The CEP will provide evidence from field surveys of areas reliant on self-help re-transmission sites and the number of households affected. The ACMA is already providing information to DBCDE about re-transmission sites and their coverage using prediction tools. The CEP is able to provide independent verification of these predictions from the field.
  • In cases where digitisation of existing re-transmission sites or the installation of gap-fillers is proposed, CEP field surveys enable the ACMA to provide informed advice on existing reception conditions.

Last updated: 29 May 2013