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Section 38A register

Section 38A of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 - Allocation of additional commercial television licences in single markets

The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the Act) provides for the allocation of an additional commercial television licence to an operator providing the only commercial television service in a market

The ACMA must not allocate a licence under section 38A to an applicant if the applicant is not a company formed in Australia with a share capital or if the ACMA decides that the applicant is not a suitable applicant in the terms set out in section 41(2) of the Act.

The applicant for the additional licence must be the same company as the licensee of the existing service.

The licence areas of the additional and existing services must be identical.

Both services must continue to be operated together for a minimum period of two years from the date that the licence was allocated. It is not possible to transfer one of these licences without the other during this period.

Register of commercial television broadcasting licences granted under Section 38A of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992

Section 75(1) of the Act requires the ACMA to maintain a Register of licences granted under section 38A of the Act.

The ACMA must make the Register available for public inspection.

Licence Identifier

Licensee Area


Date allocated


WIN Television Griffith Pty Ltd

Griffith/MIA, NSW

18 July 1996


WIN Television SA Pty Ltd

Riverland, SA

24 April 2002


Broken Hill Television Ltd

Broken Hill, NSW

24 April 2002


Spencer Gulf Broadcasters Ltd

Spencer Gulf, SA

24 April 2002


WIN Television SA Pty Ltd

Mt Gambier, SA

24 April 2002

Last updated: 23 April 2019