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Scam Technology Project


The Scam Technology Project explores practical solutions to scam activity on Australian telecommunications networks.

Led by the ACMA, with representatives from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the project taps into industry expertise and experience in order to combat this growing problem.


The ACMA released a discussion paper in March 2019 to identify technological solutions to combat scams on telecommunications networks. The ACMA received 19 submissions. We will use these submissions to inform and develop the scam technology project. Submissions will not be published as much of the information is commercial-in-confidence. Publication of this information may give tips to scammers on how network operators are working to disrupt criminal activity.

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View more information on common scams and how to protect yourself.

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To report a scam, go to the ACCC’s Scamwatch website.

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Last updated: 01 August 2019