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Review of RALI FX 3 in the 38 GHz band

Consultation closes: 14 June 2019

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Consultation closed

This consultation is now closed and submissions are under review.

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Consultation paper:
Introduction of 112 MHz channels for fixed point-to-point links in the 38 GHz band

 625 kB

Executive summary

The ACMA is currently reviewing spectrum arrangements in the 28 GHz band. An options paper released in April asked for views on whether various services, both new and existing, should be supported in that band. 

Proponents of fixed point-to-point use in the band expressed a desire to maintain the existing arrangements as the 112 MHz channel size is unavailable in any other fixed point-to-point band. These channels are commonly used to support backhaul for high data rate services. 

Due to the current limited usage of the 28 GHz fixed point-to-point arrangements and demand for access to the band by other services, the ACMA began investigating the use of other bands for higher bandwidth channels. The 38 GHz band was identified as the only possible band that could accommodate an effective 112 MHz channel raster.

As such, the ACMA is proposing changes to the current arrangements in the 38 GHz band (37.0–39.5 GHz) in RALI FX3 to support the changing needs of industry and technology advances in the use of fixed point-to-point links. The ACMA is seeking comments on these proposed changes.

The 38 GHz band currently supports channels with 7 MHz, 14 MHz and 28 MHz bandwidth. This paper proposes updates to RALI FX3 to:

  • add arrangements for 112 MHz bandwidth channels to the band 
  • remove arrangements for 7 MHz and 14 MHz bandwidth channels from the band
  • grandfather any existing 7 MHz and 14 MHz bandwidth assignments currently in the band.

Issues for comment

The ACMA welcomes comment from interested stakeholders on all aspects of the proposed changes and additions to the 38 GHz band in RALI FX3. These are discussed in the consultation paper and can be seen in their entirety in Appendix 2.

Specific questions are featured in the relevant paper and collated below. Details on making a submission can be found in the ‘Invitation to comment’ section at the end of the paper.

  1. Are there any alternative proposals on the channelling arrangements in the 38 GHz band that the ACMA should consider?
  2. Are there any comments on the proposed implementation of 112 MHz channels in the 38 GHz band?
  3. Are there any comments on the proposed retiring of the 7 MHz and 14 MHz channels in the 38 GHz band?
  4. Do stakeholders have comments on the grandfathering arrangements for the 7 MHz and 14 MHz assignments in the 38 GHz band?
  5. Are the proposed protection ratios appropriate for the band?
  6. Are there any comments on the assumed percentage of time to be used?