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Release of the 3.6 GHz band in regional and remote areas

In November 2009, the ACMA commenced a staged release of geographic areas in the 3.6 GHz band for allocation through an administrative allocation process. During this process, the ACMA accepted applications within specified application window periods and assessed them on a "first-in-time" basis.

The ACMA has now completed this process and a summary of the allocation results for licences in the 3.6 GHz band in the following areas:

  • Area 1: south-east corner of South Australia, and parts of Victoria, Tasmania and Southern NSW;
  • Area 2: parts of Queensland and Northern NSW;
  • Area 3: parts of WA, NT and Northern SA;
  • Area 4: Bunbury, Gippsland, Hobart and the Hunter Valley;
  • Area 5: Queensland Coast; and
  • Area 6: Murray River, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and Wollongong/Shoalhaven.

can be found on the ACMA website.

The ACMA will now accept applications over-the-counter (OTC) for additional licences at any time in regional and remote areas of Australia.

Maps of specified areas are available in a format suitable for GIS software.

Applying for an apparatus licence

Applications for an apparatus licence may be made to Radiocommunications Licensing and Telecommunications Deployment. Applicants should complete the ACMA form entitled Application for apparatus licence(s) (R057). If frequency assignments are required with this licence, the frequency coordination work may be performed either by the ACMA or an accredited person.

If the work is to be done by the ACMA, a form entitled Application for additional station information (R077) should also be submitted with the licence application.

Alternatively if you wish to use the services of an accredited person, you should refer to the List of Accredited Persons for contact details. An accredited person will issue you with a frequency assignment certificate and this should be submitted with the licence application to the ACMA. Accredited persons are not employed by the ACMA, nor is the ACMA responsible for the work of accredited persons.

More information about Accreditation can be found on the ACMA website.

Apparatus licence fees

Spectrum is a valuable resource. Fees are intended to ensure a fair return to the Commonwealth for the private use of this valuable public resource. Licence fees are set having regard to spectrum location, geographical location, amount of spectrum occupied and coverage area authorised by the licence.


Remote Density Area

Low Density Area

Medium Density Area

High Density Area

10 MHz





15 MHz





30 MHz





The geographical coordinates and maps of high, medium, low and remote density areas in Australia are contained after Appendix G of the 2011 Apparatus Licence Fee Schedule.

The different fee density areas are also available in a format suitable for GIS software.

Relevant documents

Relevant technical, administrative and legislative documents for the 3.6 GHz band include:

Last updated: 17 December 2012