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RCC 400 MHz Review Working Group

In September 2008, the ACMA established a Working Group for the Review of the 400 MHz band under the guidance of the Radiocommunications Consultative Committee to:

  • assist as appropriate with the review of the 400 MHz band;
  • provide advice on issues related to the ACMA's ongoing review; and
  • operate as a forum for in-depth consultation, as required, with major industry stakeholders on future arrangements for the frequency band 403-520 MHz (the 400 MHz band).

All affected stakeholders are invited to participate in the Working Group via there relevant representative. The Working Group is chaired by Andrew Stewart from ACMA. The membership of the Working Group is shown in the following table:


Australian Radiocommunications Industry Association (ARCIA)

Representing commercial users

Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)

Representing the amateur community and citizen band users

National Coordinating Committee for Government Radiocommunications (NCCGR)

Representing government users

Australasian Railway Association

Representing the Rail industry

Ergon Energy

Representing power utilities

Australasia TETRA Forum

Department of Defence





Frequency Assigners

Spectrum Engineering


Last updated: 15 April 2016