Radiocommunications (MF and HF - Land Mobile) Standard | ACMA

Radiocommunications (MF and HF - Land Mobile) Standard

The ACMA standard, Radiocommunications (MF and HF equipment - Land Mobile Service) Standard 2014, refers to the industry standard AS/NZS 4770:2000 MF and HF radiocommunications equipment in the land mobile service utilising single sideband suppressed carrier emission for technical performance matters including test methods and limits.

It is important to note that the applicable mandatory standard is the ACMA standard, not the industry standard to which it refers.

Testing and record-keeping requirements for this standard are Compliance level 2 (medium-risk device).

The ACMA standard is available from the Comlaw website.

The Explanatory Statement provides more information.

All industry standards can be purchased from SAI Global.

Last updated: 25 February 2016