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Radiocommunications compliance laboratory

From 1 January 2019 the ACMA has ceased testing of radiocommunications devices against ACMA mandated standards. This decision follows the related change to the regulatory arrangements in the Radiocommunications Devices (Compliance Labelling) Notice which was made in 2014 (Explanatory Statement available here). This change removed the requirement for level 3 compliance with mandatory testing by an accredited laboratory. All ACMA mandated standards are now either compliance level 1 or compliance level 2. These compliance levels do not necessarily require a test report from an accredited laboratory. As compliance levels 1 and 2 allow for industry to choose more cost-effective options to prove compliance, the ACMA is no longer providing this testing service.

On the 1 July 2017, the ACMA Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory stopped conducting testing of radiocommunications devices where no equipment performance requirements are specified (Spectrum Impact Assessments), and Spectrum Impact Assessments are not required for licensing purposes.

Information on technical requirements necessary for licensing purposes can be found in the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Land Mobile Licence) Determination 2015. In addition, equipment performance assumptions for system models used in frequency coordination requirements can be found in Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instruction (RALI) LM8 - Frequency Assignment Requirements for the Land Mobile Service

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Last updated: 10 July 2019