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RadComms2012 presentations

This page contains presentations from the ACMA's RadComms2012 conference, held in Melbourne on June 6–7. Attendees participated in open forums and exchanged ideas with radiocommunications professionals from across industry and government.

Day one—6 June

Radcomms2012 Address from the Australian Communications and Media Authority Chair, Chris Chapman.

Radcomms 2012: Spectrum issues and the Convergence Review – Malcolm Long

Session one—Fingerprints of nature (chaired by Richard Bean)

Radcomms 2012, Fingerprints of Nature, Dr Compton Tucker, NASA

Radcomms 2012, Session One: Sensing technologies – Dr Sue Barrell, Bureau of Meteorology

Radcomms 2012, Session One: Radio astronomy – Professor John Dickey, University of Tasmania

Radcomms 2012, Session One: ACMA perspective – Bridget Kerans

Radcomms 2012, Session One: Spectrum Reform – Peter Harris, Secretary, DBCDE

Session two—Innovation in spectrum access (chaired by Reg Coutts)

Radcomms 2012, Session Two: Dynamic spectrum access and whitespace devices – Georg Schöne

Radcomms 2012, Session Two: Het Nets – James Evans, CTO Ericsson Australia & New Zealand

Radcomms 2012, Session Two: New access paradigms – Nevio Marinelli

Session three—Spectrum developments (chaired by Louise Benjamin)

Radcomms 2012, Session Three: Supply developments – Mark Loney, ACMA

Radcomms 2012, Session Three: Online supply industry perspectives – David Napper, eBay

Radcomms 2012, Session Three: Monitoring developments – Andrew Wojtowicz, ACMA

Radcomms2012, Session Three: Licensing and engineering developments – Georg Schöne

Panel session (chaired by Chris Cheah)

Day two—7 June

Session four—Mobile and broadband (chaired by Hugh Marks)

Radcomms 2012, Session Four: Keynote speaker – Paul Steinberg, Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions

Radcomms 2012, Session Four: New broadband frontiers – Chris Hancock, AARnet

Radcomms2012, Session Four: Spectrum for the National Broadband Network – Mike Quigley, NBN Co.

Radcomms2012, Session Four: Mobile broadband and sub 1 GHz harmonisation – Dr. Andrew Kerans, ACMA

Session five—Free-to-air TV in a connected world (chaired by Giles Tanner)

Panel session—Industry experts look at the changing paradigms of television delivery and viewing. What are the implications and opportunities of internet connectivity for free-to-air television and how will the free-to-air platform evolve in a world of connected receivers?

Radcomms 2012, Session Five: Free-to-air TV in a connected world – Ross Henderson, ADSIF

Radcomms 2012, Session Five: Free-to-air TV in a connected world – Kim Dalton, ABC

Radcomms 2012, Session Five: Free-to-air TV in a connected world – Jock Given, Swinburne University

Radcomms 2012, Session Five: Multi-screen TV consumer trends – Kursten Leins, Ericsson

Radcomms 2012, Session Five: Free-to-air TV in a connected world – Harry Burt, Yahoo!7

Radcomms 2012, Session Five: The ACMA’s Outlook – Maureen Cahill

Last updated: 11 April 2017