RadComms 2017: presentations | ACMA

RadComms 2017: presentations

Take a look at the speaker presentations from RadComms 2017:

Day one

  • Opening address: Senator the Hon. Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications (.pdf, 197 kB)
  • Inaugural address: Nerida O'Loughlin, Chair, ACMA (speech)
  • Keynote address: Professor Katina Michael, Editor in Chief of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (pptx 133 MB)

Session one: Spectrum reform—perspectives

Session two: Spectrum reform—unplugged

Session three: Network (r)evolutions

  • Terrestrial networks—Andrew Findlay, CEO, Vertel (.pptx, 16 MB)
  • Mobile networks—James Evans, Strategic Network Evolution, Ericsson 
    (.pptx, 22.9 MB)
  • Satellite networks—Glen Tindall, Head, Government Sales, Asia-Pacific, SES Satellites (.pptx, 12 MB)

Session four: Peer perspectives

Day two

Session five: Building the industrial Internet

  • 5G: A network evolution towards the 4th industrial revolution—Carsten Clemens, Consulting Engagement Lead - Australia and New Zealand, Nokia Bell Labs Consulting (.pptx, 7 MB)
  • Occupancy and opportunity in 915–928 MHz—Dr Akram Al-Hourani, Lecturer, RMIT (.pptx, 3.3 MB)
  • The Internet of things: The view from earth—Eric Hamilton, Chief Technology Officer, NNN Co (.pptx, 8.3 MB)
  • The Internet of things: The view from space—Alex Grant, CEO, Myriota (.pptx, 122 MB)

Session six: Looking forward—ACMA activities

  • Spectrum work program—Giles Tanner, General Manager, Communications Infrastructure, ACMA (.doc, 315 KB)
  • Planning issues—Chris Hose, Executive Manager, Spectrum Planning and Engineering, ACMA (.pptx, 1.3 MB)
  • Forward auction program—David Brumfield, Executive Manager, Spectrum Management Policy, ACMA (.pptx, 1 MB)

Session seven: Emerging standards and new applications

  • 5G new radio development and 3GPP processes—Todd Essery, General Manager 5G and IoT, Telstra (.pdf, 1.3 MB)
  • mmWave developments—Matt Branda, Director—5G Technical Marketing, Qualcomm (.pptx, 237 MB)
  • 5G and satellite—Geoff Varrall, Executive Director, RTT (.pptx, 3.3 MB)
  • The rise of mobile satellite service applications—Eric Lemond, Country Manager Australia, GoGo (.pptx, 5.4 MB)

Session eight: Implementing spectrum reform

Last updated: 20 November 2017