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Proposed updates to several RALIs

Consultation closes: 08 February 2019

IFC: 47/2018

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Draft update to RALI MS 33—Frequency Coordination and Licensing Procedures for Apparatus Licensed PTS in the 2 GHz Bands

1.8 MB

Draft update to RALI MS 34—Frequency Coordination and Licensing Procedures for Apparatus Licensed PTS in the 1800 MHz Bands

434 kB

Draft update to RALI MS 35—Coordination of 2.5 GHz Band Spectrum Licensed Transmitters with Radiodetermination Stations operated by the Department of Defence in the 2700–2900 MHz band

60 kB

Draft update to RALI MS 38—Coordination between Earth Station Transmitters in the Fixed-Satellite Service and Terrestrial Stations in the Fixed Service in the 25.5–30 GHz Band  109 kB 

Executive summary

The ACMA is seeking comment on proposed changes to a number of Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instructions (RALIs). Specifically, updates are proposed to:

  • RALI MS 33 and RALI MS 34 to support operation in underground environments
  • RALI MS 35 to include additional radar sites at the request of the Department of Defence
  • RALI MS 38 to remove coordination requirements for body scanners which are now authorised via class licence and to update the coordination zones and protection requirements for SRS.

Additionally, RALI FX 21 has been updated to remove the channel arrangements that applied before 31 January 2016, which are now superseded.

This work was foreshadowed in the Frequency Coordination Requirements Review Work Program, released by the ACMA in September 2018.

Issue for comment

The ACMA welcomes comments from stakeholders on the proposed updates to RALIs MS 33, MS 34, MS 35 and MS 38.