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Proposed updates to several RALIs

IFC 11/2015—2 April 2015

Consultation Outcome

The comment period for IFC 11/2015 had concluded and the ACMA received a number of submissions providing feedback on updated RALIs. This feedback was incorporated into the current versions of the RALIs which are now available on the ACMA website (Frequency assignment requirements).

Changes to the RALIs as a result of feedback to IFC 11/2015 include:

RALI FX19—Editorial feedback provided to improve clarity of the document
RALI FX20—No feedback provided that would require modification of this RALI
RALI FX21—Editorial modifications needed to the equations in Section 6.5. Some additional comments were provided that were on issues outside of this consultations process.
RALI MS33—Consequential editorial modifications needed to reflect the changes made to RALI FX21

The ACMA sought comment from interested stakeholders on the draft updates to the following Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instructions (RALIs):

The updates to RALI FX 19, FX 21 and MS 33 are a consequence of the implementation of arrangements for television outside broadcast service (refer IFC 7/2014). The update of FX 20 is to align with changes to ITU-R Recommendation for 58 GHz. FX 19 was additionally updated to change channel arrangement for broadband wireless access services in 3575–3700 MHz.

In summary, the proposed changes are:

  • Draft RALI FX19—includes proposed updates to reflect the replacement of the 1900-1920 MHz and 2010-2025 MHz Bands Frequency Band Plan 2004 with the 1900-1920 MHz Frequency Band Plan 2012. The update also incorporates new 20 MHz channel arrangements in the 3573–3700 MHz band and the withdrawal of 15 MHz and 30 MHz channel arrangements. References in the document have also been updated.
  • Draft RALI FX20—includes proposed updates to reflect changes to the 58 GHz band in line with recommendations of ITU-R Recommendation ITU-R F.1497-2. These include widening the band to cover the frequency range 57.1–58.9 GHz, removing restrictions on the use of two frequency (FDD) systems and increasing the maximum allowed EIRP from 15 dBW to 25 dBW. References in the document have also been updated.
  • Draft RALI FX21—includes proposed updates to better reflect the space services currently operating in the Alice Springs area and some minor corrections to the RALI in general.
  • Draft RALI FX33—includes proposed updates to reflect additional coordination procedure between PTS and TOB in the bands 1980–2110 and 2170–2300 MHz introduced as a result of the 2.5 GHz band review. References in the document have also been updated.

Submission received

The submission period for IFC 11/2015 closed on 1 May 2015 and the ACMA received 4 submissions on the draft RALI updates. Submissions received were from:

  • ASTRA: Subscription Media Australia (Word), (PDF)
  • European Space Agency (PDF)

  • NBNCo (Word), (PDF)

  • Telstra (Word), (PDF)

The ACMA is now considering these submissions before finalization of the updates.

Last updated: 15 March 2016