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Proposed updates to RALI FX 16 and FX 20

Consultation closes: 09 March 2016

IFC: 3/2016

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The two RALIs have now been updated to include the proposed changes together with a number of minor changes based on submissions received. To view the final documents go to the Frequency assignment requirements webpage

The ACMA received two submissions to this consultation. Submissions can be accessed from the right hand side index box.

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The ACMA is seeking comment from interested stakeholders on draft updates to the following Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instructions (RALIs):

• RALI FX 16—Frequency assignment requirements for the point-to-multipoint service in the 400 MHz and 900 MHz bands

• RALI FX 20—Millimetre wave point-to-point (self-coordinated) stations.

The proposed update to RALI FX 16 follows a request from accredited persons for a low power point-to-multipoint service model in the 400 MHz band similar to the RALI LM 08 service model for the low power mobile radio service. 

The proposed update to RALI FX 20 is to update antenna requirements to align with those provided for in European arrangements in response to enquiries from industry.

A copy of the existing RALIs FX 20 and FX16 are available from the Frequency assignment requirements section of the ACMA website.