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Proposed sharing arrangements in the 11 GHz band

Consultation closes: 19 August 2019

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Consultation paper:
Sharing between fixed point-to-point links and uncoordinated earth station receivers in 10.7–11.7 GHz

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Executive summary

The ACMA seeks comment on the technical feasibility of allowing uncoordinated earth station receivers to operate in the 11 GHz (10.711.7 GHz) band under class-licensing arrangements. While the 11 GHz band is heavily used for microwave fixed point-to-point links, the ACMA’s preliminary view is that it is technically feasible to develop such arrangements, provided that no constraints are placed on the future growth of fixed services in the band.

The ACMA is seeking comment on this view, as well as preliminary views on some technical, licensing and pricing issues for related space apparatus licences.

Enabling uncoordinated earth station receivers to operate in the 11 GHz band is intended to support the introduction of new satellite services and applications in Australia such as high-throughput satellite systems, support satellite-based internet of things, enable low-latency satellite services through low earth orbit non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) systems, and take advantage of technical developments supporting use of earth stations in motion in the fixed satellite service.

This review was included in the ACMA’s Five-year spectrum outlook 2018–22.

Issues for comment

The ACMA invites comments on the issues set out in the attached discussion paper, as well as comment on the following questions:

1. Will the future use of the 11 GHz band by the fixed service be impacted if arrangements are developed to facilitate the use of uncoordinated earth station receivers in the band?
2. Is it technically feasible for uncoordinated earth station receivers to operate in the interference environment that exists in the 11 GHz band?
3. Is there a need for technical restrictions or conditions on the operation of uncoordinated earth station receivers?
4. What, if any, are the implementation issues for licensing options, pricing and updates to licence assessment procedures?