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Proposed change to radio services in Katherine

Consultation closes: 28 February 2019

IFC: 02/2019

Consultation closed

This consultation is now closed and submissions are under review. 

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Consultation paper: Proposal to vary the Darwin licence area plan

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Following a request from the licensee, Grant Broadcasters, the ACMA is proposing to vary the Darwin Radio Licence Area Plan to enable the commercial radio service Hot 100 (8HOT) to convert from AM to FM in Katherine, Northern Territory. The service is already available in Darwin on FM.

We have predicted that the proposed technical specifications would not cause unacceptable interference to other services.

The ACMA considers that this proposal promotes the objects of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the BSA), particularly making available to audiences throughout Australia a diverse range of radio (and television) services (paragraph 3(1)(a)).

What does this mean for listeners?

Listeners in the Katherine area will no longer be able to access 8HOT on 765 kHz AM—they will need to tune their radios to 98.1 MHz FM for a much-improved audio signal.

The coverage for the current 8MIX signal (106.9 MHz) is an indicator of the coverage that can be expected for the 8HOT FM service.


Issue for comment

The ACMA welcomes comments on the technical specifications for a proposed conversion of the 8HOT transmitter at Katherine from AM to FM. The proposed technical specifications are available from the downloads box above. 

This change would be implemented by a variation to the Darwin LAP.