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Proposal to remake numbering charges

Consultation closes: 31 January 2017

IFC: 36/2016

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On 27 March 2017, following analysis of submissions, the ACMA made the Telecommunications (Charges) Amendment Determination (No.1) and the Telecommunications (Numbering Charges) (Allocation Charge) Amendment Determination 2017 (No.1) to set numbering charges at $35 per transaction from 1 April 2017. The ACMA, in close consultation with industry, will further examine the cost-recovery arrangements for the Numbering System.

The ACMA received four submissions to this consultation. These can be accessed from the right hand index under 'Other submissions received'.

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Consultation paper—Proposal to remake numbering charges

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The ACMA is consulting on a proposal to set new charges for the allocation of numbers and the registration charges for new users of the Numbering System provided by ZOAK Solutions Pty Ltd (ZOAK) on behalf of the ACMA.

The ACMA has under-recovered the cost of the Commonwealth’s contract with ZOAK Solutions Pty Ltd (ZOAK) for the first year of operation of the new Numbering System and (consistent with the Australian Government’s charging framework) is seeking to recoup this cost.

Issues for comment

Opportunity to provide feedback

The ACMA is seeking comments from interested persons on options to set new charges to recover the cost of the Commonwealth’s contract with ZOAK as set outlined in the consultation paper. This document is available in the table above.