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Priority compliance areas 2018–19

Each year, the ACMA sets its priority compliance area (PCA) program for radiocommunications, which takes a strategic approach to our overall scheme and operational activities. In 2018–19, we will focus on:

  1. Interference management
  2. Spectrum review implementation
  3. Licensing integrity.

How are the PCAs decided?

We set our PCAs for radiocommunications compliance after gathering intelligence about compliance issues, assessing the level of risk and considering the environment in which we operate. This approach enables us to effectively focus our resources on significant issues, while continuing to monitor and appropriately respond to lower level matters.

Development of the PCAs for 2018–19 was informed by the Radiocommunications compliance: Shaping our priorities 2018–19 spectrum tune‑ups held in April in Sydney and Melbourne. At the tune‑ups, we reviewed the 2017–18 PCAs before discussing our proposed PCAs for 2018–19. Comments and suggestions from attendees helped us to finalise our PCAs—check out the tune-up presentation.

Stakeholder engagement has become an important component of the PCA program and we will continue to engage with industry to improve compliance.

Read about the previous PCA programs conducted through the years.

What will each PCA focus on?

Interference management

We’re continuing to develop an interference management framework, which will ultimately provide updated procedural guidance for licensees to use when making interference complaints to the ACMA.

The main focus of the 2017–18 interference management PCA was the review of the Interference Management Principles. This included consulting on both the proposed principles and the ACMA’s interference management approach generally.

The Interference Management Principles should be finalised early in 2018–19. We will then shift our focus to developing policies and processes for the interference management framework that will give practical effect to the new principles.

Spectrum review implementation

The ACMA is responsible for designing and developing new spectrum management arrangements in accordance with the Radiocommunications Bill 2017. This will lead to substantial changes to compliance and field operations.

We’re keen to work cooperatively with stakeholders to support them during this time of change, and will be consulting on new practices and processes for compliance and field operations.

Licensing integrity

This PCA will examine the extent to which services are operating in compliance with their licence conditions. While broad in scope, we’ll focus on areas of operational or strategic significance, including unlicensed use of the 5.6 GHz band.

Industry education will be a key focus of this PCA. We’ll work cooperatively with radiocommunications licensees to encourage improved management of their valuable radiocommunications assets.

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Last updated: 10 February 2019