Pre–selection C515:2015 | ACMA

Pre–selection C515:2015


Industry body responsible

Communications Alliance

Section of the industry to which code relates

Carriers and carriage service providers (who are supplying a standard telephone service other than a public mobile telecommunications service).

Date of registration

19 February 2016

Objectives of the code

The objectives of this code are as follows:

  1. to set out competitively neutral processes for implementation of pre-selection 
  2. to set out competitively neutral processes by which Prime Service Deliverers (PSDs) may exchange information with each other and with Access Service Deliverers (ASDs), while at the same time fulfilling the legal requirements and community expectations in relation to privacy 
  3. to set out criteria against which the compliance of  PSDs and ASDs with the code can be measured and  
  4. to maximise customer choice through processes which are convenient and customer friendly so that a customer's wishes can be implemented with as little inconvenience as possible.

Accessing the code

Last updated: 21 March 2017