PCAs: Educational resource index | ACMA

PCAs: Educational resource index

We encourage voluntary compliance through education and awareness as part of our priority compliance area (PCA) program for technical compliance. We have developed educational resources for the various PCAs implemented—take a look at what’s on offer below.

An overview of the ACMA’s PCA program for technical compliance is available.

Resources for industry


tn-Interference to mobile phone networks jpg

Interference to mobile phone networks

Two-way radios

tn-Is your two way radio and outlaw jpg

Is your two-way radio an outlaw?

tn-Do you sell or rent tow-way radios jpg

Do you sell or rent two-way radios?

tn-Beware the dodgy two-way radio jpg

Beware of the dodgy two-way radio


tn-Differential GPS licensing jpg

Differential GPS Licensing

tn-Has your DGPS put you in an unlawful position jpg

Has your DGPS put you in an unlawful position?

tn-Is your DGPS equipment authorised jpg

Is your DGPS equipment authorised?


tnCustomer cabling Do you know the rules jpg

Customer cabling – Do you know the rules?

Resources for consumers

Shopping for devices online

tn-think before you buy wireless devices jpg

Think before you buy – wireless radiocommunications devices

tn-shopping online and overseas guide jpg

Shopping online and overseas: A guide for consumers

tn-The real deal or a dodgy device2 jpg

How to spot a dodgy device

tn-Beware the dodgy two-way radio jpg

Beware of the dodgy two-way radio

Prohibited devices

tn-prohibited devices mobile phone jammers jpg

Prohibited devices – mobile phone jammers

tn-prohibited devices GPS jammers jpg

Prohibited devices – GPS jammers

Illegal mobile phone repeaters

tn-mobile phone repeaters consumer guide jpg

Mobile phone repeaters – A guide for consumers

tn-How to improve mobile reception jpg

How to improve mobile reception - The good, the bad and the ugly of mobile phone repeaters

tn-the good the bad the ugly jpg

The good, the bad and the ugly infographic

Wireless mics

tn-wireless mics are you using the right frequency jpg

Are you using the right frequency?

Last updated: 10 February 2019