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Online risk & safety reports


The ACMA has provided its third annual report to the Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy on measures for promoting safety in the online environment.


The reports in this series were prepared by the ACMA in response to a ministerial direction received in June 2007 to investigate developments in internet filtering technologies and other safety initiatives to protect consumers, including minors, who access content on the internet. The direction required the ACMA to report annually on its findings in this regard over three years.


2010 report

The final of the three reports Online risk and safety in the digital economy builds on the earlier reports in this series. It explores the implications of the way ICTs are used in the emerging digital economy for the management of online risk and promotion of safety. The report explores the roles of different players in the digital economy noting that governments, regulators, operators of online services and users themselves can all contribute towards the effective management of online risk.

2009 report

The second report identifies that the effectiveness of strategies to mitigate online risk and promote online safety is enhanced when responses to risk are deployed at multiple points along the supply chain for online content and services.

2008 report

The first report observes that given the range of possible responses to online risks, including varieties of internet filtering, no single response can adequately mitigate all forms of online risk.


Last updated: 17 February 2019