NBN access transfer C647:2017 | ACMA

NBN access transfer C647:2017


Industry body responsible

Communications Alliance Ltd

Section of the industry to which code relates

The Code applies to CSPs and carriers.

Date of registration

16 March 2017

Objectives of the code

The Code aims to provide industry with clear responsibilities and requirements to protect customers and to ensure customers have the choice of provider and the ability to move between them transparently.

The Code:

  1. specifies operational principles which enable the transfer of an active NBN Service between retail service providers (RSPs);
  2. establishes minimum operational requirements on RSPs, access seekers and access providers, in the transfer of an active NBN service between RSPs;
  3. minimises customer impacts during the transfer of an active NBN service between RSPs; and
  4. sets out agreed time frames to which the industry must adhere.

Accessing the code

Industry Code – C647:2017 NBN access transfer

Last updated: 21 March 2017