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NBN rules: Helping you move


The ACMA has introduced new rules to support—and improve—your move to the NBN.

These rules are designed to ensure that if you’re moving to the NBN, you will have:

  • The information you need to choose the NBN service and plan that is right for you. Telcos must give you all the key facts before you sign a contract.
  • Confidence that your new service will work as promised. Telcos must check all new connections within one business day to make sure they work.
  • An alternative service made available if your new service will take more time to work than planned. Telcos must quickly fix any problems or give you other options to get you back online. Once your NBN service is working, they must also check that it can provide the maximum speed specified in your contract.  
  • Your complaints addressed effectively. If you do run into problems, your telco must resolve your complaints quickly and efficiently.

Compliance and Enforcement

The ACMA is undertaking a targeted program of monitoring, audits and investigations to ensure that industry is complying with the new rules. Our statement of approach  outlines the way we are dealing with compliance and enforcement.

We’re also tracking how well telcos are managing complaints through our record-keeping rules.

Where can I get more info?

Take a look at our media releases and associated research showing how and why the rules were developed.


Research and information-gathering

Consumer research:

Industry information-gathering exercise:

Modem Quality Study

  • The ACMA is currently examining the quality of modems and other performance matters that may impact consumer’ experience of the NBN.

The rules

Last updated: 14 March 2019