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Moving to the NBN? Know your rights


Aussies moving to or using the National Broadband Network (NBN) deserve first‑rate service.

Following a rapid increase in complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) and concerns about how telcos are connecting customers to the NBN, the ACMA has developed new rules designed to support—and improve—your move to the NBN.

What are the problems?

Our research and industry statistics have shown three main problem areas:

  • Not getting the right info at the right time—people aren’t being given all the information they need to choose an NBN plan that works best for them.
  • Being left without a working service—some people find their new NBN‑based service doesn't work—but their old service has been disconnected, so they’re left with no service at all.
  • Not having complaints dealt with quickly and effectively—complaints take too long to resolve, there is a lack of communication or no one takes responsibility.

What’s the ACMA doing to help?

Our new package of rules ensures that if you’re moving to the NBN, you will have:

  • The information you need to choose the NBN service and plan that is right for you. Telcos must give you all the key facts before you sign a contract.
    Our consumer information rules start from 21 September 2018.     
  • Confidence that your new service will work as promised. Telcos must check all new connections within one business day to make sure they work.
    Our service migration rules start from 21 September 2018.           
  • An alternative service made available if for some reason your new service will take more time to work than planned. Telcos must quickly fix any problems with your new service or give you other options to get you back online. Once your NBN service is working, they must also check that it can provide the maximum speed specified in your contract.
    Our service continuity rules and service migration rules start from 21 September 2018.          
  • Your complaints heard and addressed effectively. If you do run into problems, your telco must resolve your complaints quickly and efficiently.
    Our complaints-handling rules have been in place since 1 July 2018 and we’re tracking how well telcos are managing complaints through our record-keeping rules.

Compliance and Enforcement

The ACMA will undertake a targeted program of monitoring, audits and investigations to ensure that industry is complying with the new rules.
Our statement of approach which outlines the way we are going to deal with compliance and enforcement.

Where can I get more info?

Take a look at our media releases and associated research showing how the new rules were developed.




Research and information-gathering

Consumer research:

Industry information-gathering exercise:

The rules


Last updated: 22 August 2018