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MDS band plan 2000 - History

NOTE: The 2.1 GHz Band Frequency Band Plan 2002 revoked this Band Plan on 1 May 2002.


The now revoked Multipoint Distribution System Frequency Band Plan 2000 (PDF 71 kb) came into effect on 9 February 2000 by notification in the Commonwealth Gazette. It replaced the "Frequency Band Plan for the 2076 to 2111 and 2300 to 2400 MHz Bands" of June 1988 (and subsequent amendments).

The main purposes of the Band Plan were to:

  • set a termination date of 25 July 2002 after which MDS services will be excluded from the 2076 to 2111 MHz band
  • facilitate the planned introduction of IMT-2000, which will involve part of the 2076 to 2111 MHz band
  • cater for fixed link services displaced by the planned introduction of IMT-2000 in other bands
  • support the operation of various space services and
  • provide flexibility of operation under spectrum licences resulting from the conversion of MDS B band licences.

The now revoked Frequency Band Plan for the 2076 to 2111 MHz and 2300 to 2400 MHz Bands (PDF 343 kb) was made in June 1988 to support Government policy objectives regarding the use of multipoint distribution systems (MDS) to deliver text, graphics, still pictures, sound, non-entertainment video and entertainment video, including pay television. Amendments were made in 1990 and in 1992 to refine the timing of the introduction of some of these categories. Since 1994, multipoint distribution systems have been used primarily for the delivery of pay television.

In March 1999, the former ACA released the discussion paper Future uses of the Multipoint Distribution System (MDS) Bands (PDF 68 kb) for community comment it released in May 1999 a summary of comments received, and in June 1999 announced its conclusions. A Gazette notice on 10 December 1999 and subsequent media release advised that a draft new plan was available for public comment. The draft new plan (PDF 25 kb) was accompanied by a rationale paper (PDF 33 kb) explaining the reasons for the proposed changes. After considering the comments received, the new frequency band plan was made on 3 February 2000.

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