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In June 2013, the ACMA commissioned Newspoll to undertake quantitative community research to identify awareness, use of, perceived importance and preferred source/s for accessing local content in regional areas of Australia (Attachment B). The research also covered satisfaction with the amount of local content available in local areas. The findings are part of the evidence used to inform the ACMA’s regional commercial television local content investigation.

Associated reports examine the economic circumstances facing regional broadcasters operating in regional Australia (Attachment C), and an analysis of regional television audience ratings (Attachment D).

Report and related material

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Attachment B: Regional Australians’ access to local content—Community research  243 KB 5.1 MB
Attachment C: Economic analysis of regional commercial television broadcasters 970 KB 5.4 MB
Attachment D: Regional Australian television news—Audiences across regional evening news services, 2003–2013 7.3 MB 5.1 MB

Last updated: 09 April 2014