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Changes to 28/31 GHz bands licences

ACMA media release 48/2013 – 2 July

Licences in the 28/31 GHz spectrum bands will change from spectrum to apparatus licences from February next year.

This follows government agreement to an ACMA recommendation for the change. The recommendation followed extensive consultation on future arrangements for the bands, which cover the frequency ranges 27.5–28.35 GHz and 31–31.3 GHz.

‘The ACMA believes that apparatus licensing arrangements will provide more flexibility in meeting the changing demand for use of the 28/31 GHz bands in the future,’ said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman.

Existing spectrum licences in the 28/31 GHz bands expire on 31 January 2014. The ACMA is working closely with incumbent licensees—AAPT and NBN Co—to provide continuity of service from February 2014. This is expected to include the offer of apparatus licences for devices currently registered under spectrum licences.

‘We are also engaged in further consultation with incumbent licensees and other stakeholders on the development of new technical arrangements for the 28 GHz band.’ Mr Chapman added. ‘Stakeholders who are interested in participating in this consultation will find information on the ACMA website.’

Mr Chapman said that consultation on the 31 GHz band found no evidence of demand for licences in the band in the short term.

‘We will review planning arrangements for this band in the future when a clearer picture of demand in the band emerges,’ he said.

In other spectrum licensed bands, the ACMA continues to actively engage with stakeholders on a wide range of measures to improve spectrum licensing frameworks.

‘We’re working to ensure that these frameworks are world’s best practice in spectrum management,’ said Mr Chapman.

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