Licences for space-based communications systems | ACMA

Licences for space-based communications systems

The ACMA has flexible licensing arrangements support efficient and equitable licensing for a wide variety of space-based communications systems and applications. They allow the often unique characteristics of these systems to be accommodated within the regulatory framework.

When licensing a space-based system, the ACMA takes into account its configuration and the nature of its use of Australian spectrum. The commercial preferences of the satellite operator, the service provider or the end user may also affect the nature of the licensing arrangements.

A space-based radiocommunications network cannot be operated in Australia without an appropriate licence.

The Radiocommunications Act 1992 requires that the operation of all transmitting and receiving devices, including earth stations and space stations on satellites, be authorised by a licence issued by the ACMA.

If the network is used for telecommunications purposes then, under the Telecommunications Act 1997, a carrier licence may also be needed.

Last updated: 14 October 2013