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IPND Compliance & Enforcement Role

The ACMA monitors and enforces carriage service provider (CSP) compliance with regulatory obligations to provide accurate and timely customer information to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND). We also oversee rules about accessing IPND data for limited approved research and publishing number directories.

The IPND compliance program aims to improve the quality of data in the IPND. Inaccurate data can:

  • cause delays in emergency response times
  • hinder telephone-based emergency warning systems
  • impact investigations by law enforcement and national security agencies
  • result in the publication of unlisted numbers.

Where the ACMA finds a breach of the IPND rules, it has one or more of these enforcement options:

  • issue a formal warning
  • issue a direction to comply with an industry code
  • issue a remedial direction
  • accept an enforceable undertaking
  • issue an infringement notice
  • start proceedings for civil penalties in the Federal Court.

For more information view our compliance and enforcement policy.

Recent enforcement outcomes

Remedial directions

December 2018—The ACMA issued 11 remedial directions following investigations that found CSPs had contravened the IPND service provider rule. The rule requires CSPs to give the IPND Manager information it reasonably requires to provide and maintain the database.

Remedial directions were issued to:

Directions to comply with the IPND Code

December 2018—The ACMA issued directions to comply with the IPND Code to 11 CSPs, following investigations that found they had contravened three provisions of the code. The provisions deal with accuracy, currency and timeliness in the supply of data to the IPND. The directions to comply were issued to:

More about the rules

Rules relating to the IPND are set out in:

Last updated: 25 March 2019