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Industry code C628:2015 Telecommunications Consumer Protections


Industry body responsible

The Communications Alliance Ltd

Section of industry to which code relates

This industry code applies to carriage service providers.

Date of registration

3 December 2015

Date of variation

3 August 2018

This issue of the code varies the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Industry Code (C628:2015) (incorporating Variation No.1 2018)

Objectives of the code

The objectives of the code are to:

  • set minimum standards for suppliers to meet in telling customers about the prices, terms and conditions of telecommunications products;
  • require the inclusion of standard charging information in most print and online advertising;
  • provide sufficient, accurate, current and relevant information to enable customers to make an informed purchasing decision (the Critical Information Summary);
  • ensure appropriate conduct of sales representatives;
  • ensure that customers can obtain information about their past and present usage of telecommunications goods or services;
  • ensure that bills are easy to understand and allow customers to verify billed charges;
  • ensure that charges are billed, bills are issued, and payments are credited in a timely manner;
  • set out minimum standards of credit management practice, including providing customers with clear information about credit management;
  • provide customer with tools to manage expenditure;
  • ensure policies are in place to assist customers experiencing financial hardship;
  • inform customers of all relevant terms and conditions of the transfer and supplier contact details;
  • support customer transfer through clear communication and minimum standards;
  • provide customer access to supplier's records of the transfer;
  • provide an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for handling complaints in line with the Australian Standard on complaints handling; and
  • ensure the code compliance framework encourages industry compliance with the Code.

Accessing the code

C628:2015 Telecommunications Consumer Protections Industry Code (incorporating Variation No.1 2018) (PDF 759 kB)


Last updated: 01 December 2015