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Industry Code C564:2011 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment


Industry body responsible

Communications Alliance

Section of industry to which code relates

This industry code applies to carriers who are installing, intending to install, operating or contracting or arranging for the installation of fixed radiocommunications infrastructure used, intended to be used, or capable of being used to supply Public Mobile Telecommunications Services.


  1. This code also covers the work of contractors or agents working on behalf of carriers.
  2. A Public Mobile Telecommunications Service is a publicly accessible mobile phone network, as distinct from a non-public network, for example, an Immediate Circle.

Date of registration

1 July 2012

Objectives of the code

The objectives of this code are:

  1. to apply a Precautionary Approach to the deployment of Mobile Phone Radiocommunications Infrastructure;
  2. to provide best practice processes for demonstrating compliance with relevant exposure limits and the protection of the public;
  3. to ensure that the exposure of the community to electromagnetic energy (EME) is minimised;
  4. to ensure relevant stakeholders are informed, consulted and engaged with before Mobile Phone Radiocommunications Infrastructure is constructed;
  5. to specify standards for consultation, information availability and presentation;
  6. to consider the impact on the wellbeing of the community, physical or otherwise, of Mobile Phone Radiocommunications Infrastructure; and
  7. to ensure Council and community views are incorporated into the Mobile Phone Radiocommunications Infrastructure site selection.

Accessing the code


Last updated: 21 March 2017