IFC 13/2011 - Towards 2020 - Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband | ACMA

IFC 13/2011 - Towards 2020 - Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband

Towards 2020-Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband

The ACMA media release - ACMA considers future spectrum for mobile broadband.

In May 2011, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) released Towards 2020—Futures spectrum requirements for mobile broadband-signalling its intention to develop a future spectrum management strategy to meet the longer term needs of the mobile broadband industry while ensuring that the needs of incumbent users are also taken into account. The paper sought comment from stakeholders on a number of spectrum management issues

The discussion paper looked at frequency bands and services below 6 GHz that could possibly be made available for mobile broadband and invited stakeholders to comment on these. The paper also invited comments on options for mobile broadband beyond 6 GHz and the potential for these bands to be used for in-home and personal communications services.

Discussion Paper



Towards 2020-Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband *

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* Errata

In Section 2.4, the link for footnote 20 has been changed to www.culture.gov.uk/publications/7829.aspx

In Section 5.10, the text in the opening paragraph has been edited to read The ACMA is also considering bands above 4.2 for future mobile broadband applications

In Section 5.10, question 21 has been edited to read 21, What bands above 4.2 GHz do stakeholders feel could be released for mobile broadband?

In Section 6.1, question 22 was repeated in question 23 leaving the remaining questions out by one. The repeated question 23 has been deleted.



The ACMA received 25 submissions (one submission is Commercial-in-Confidence) to this discussion paper.

The ACMA is currently considering these submissions. Please direct any questions about this discussion paper to was-planning@acma.gov.au.

Summary of submissions and initial response paper

The ACMA has released a summary and initial response to the submissions received to Towards 2020—Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband. The purpose of this paper is to provide a high-level summary of the submissions received to Towards 2020 and an initial response to some of the issues raised in submissions.

Information provided in the submissions to Towards 2020 will be used to inform the ongoing development of a strategy and forward work plan to address the issue of spectrum for mobile broadband services.

Additional information

For any enquiries regarding the ACMA’s mobile broadband project, please email to was-planning@acma.gov.au.

Publication of submissions

In general, the ACMA publishes all submissions it receives.

The ACMA prefers to receive submissions which are not claimed to be confidential. However, the ACMA accepts that a submitter may sometimes wish to provide information in confidence. In these circumstances, submitters are asked to identify the material over which confidentiality is claimed and provide a written explanation for confidentiality claims.

The ACMA will consider each claim for confidentiality on a case by case basis. If the ACMA accepts a confidentiality claim, it will not publish the confidential information unless required to do so by law.

When can ACMA be required by law to release information?

Any submissions provided to the ACMA may be released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The ACMA may also be required to release submissions for other reasons including for the purpose of parliamentary processes or where otherwise required by law (for example a court subpoena). While the ACMA seeks to consult submitters of confidential information before that information is provided to another body or agency, the ACMA cannot guarantee that confidential information will not be released through these or other legal means.

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