IFC 08/2009 | ACMA

IFC 08/2009

Spectrum Proposals: 403-520 MHz - Proposals for future arrangements in the 400 MHz band

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) sought public comment on proposals for changes to arrangements for the radiofrequency spectrum in the range 403-520 MHz (the 400 MHz band). The Spectrum Proposals: 403-520 MHz - Proposals for future arrangements in the 400 MHz band consultation paper (PDF 1.2 mb or Word 2.45 mb) was released in March 2009 and outlined a number of proposals for the future use of the band.

This discussion paper represented the second public step in the review of the 400 MHz band, which began with the release of the Spectrum Options: 403-520 MHz discussion paper (Word 2.6 mb or PDF 602 kb) in April 2008.

The broad objectives of the review of the 400 MHz band are to implement measures to:

  • improve the harmonisation of spectrum use by certain government agencies to assist in radiocommunications interoperability objectives and the development of efficient government networks;
  • improve the allocative, technical and dynamic efficiency with which spectrum in the band is allocated and used, by reviewing the relevant frequency assigning and licensing mechanisms (including band plans, licensing instructions, licensing options and pricing);
  • facilitate new technologies and possible complementary uses of the band;
  • implement arrangements that take advantage of the different spectrum management requirements and challenges between different geographic areas; and
  • minimise the requirement for ongoing ACMA intervention in the band.

Note: Spectrum embargoes 50 and 51 have been put in place to support and preserve planning options associated with the review of the 400 MHz band.

Written submissions

Written submissions on the issues raised in this discussion paper have now closed.

The ACMA received 61 submissions to the consultation paper on proposals for future arrangements in the 400 MHz band.

Please direct any questions about this discussion paper to 400MHzreview@acma.gov.au or via telephone to Andrew Stewart on (02) 6219 5238.

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