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How to pay your bills

Your telephone or internet service provider must offer at least one method to pay your bill that is free of charge.


Your service provider must record your payment no later than two days following the day it is notified of your payment, and must ensure you can easily check that your payments have been received. If you pay your bill on time, your service provider must not generate another bill until it has applied your payment. Some exceptions apply to these rules.

If you set up an arrangement with your service provider to pay by direct debit, you provide what is called an ‘authorisation’. Your service provider must ensure it follows your instructions as set out in the authorisation. It must also enable you to check on what you agreed to in your authorisation.


Your service provider must ensure that you can access all billing information, such as charges for calls, ten days before each direct debit occurs. It must also ensure that the direct debit takes place as close to the due date as possible.


If you want to cancel your direct debit authorisation, your service provider must make it easy for you to do so by providing a simple mechanism such as an e-mail or fax. It must then cancel your authorisation within three working days.

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Last updated: 10 June 2015